Built new 2 car garage, new master bedroom, bathroom and studio in Pico Rivera...

Demo existing garage, built new 2 car garage with storage space, new master bedroom, walkin-closet and studio with beautiful wood flooring and colonial custom door and window moldings, master bathroom with walking tub and shower area, frame-less glass doors, custom bench and wall niche.

Extend existing home and built a second floor in Hacienda Heights

Retrofit existing garage and part of home, extend and built on top, 3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, 1 TV Room, dining room, remodel existing kitchen and family room.

New addition in Pasadena...

Built new family room, master bedroom and bathroom, beautiful high raised ceilings with exposed beam, dark travertine ribbon with wood flooring.

First and second Level addition, remodel of existing home in West Los Angeles...

Retrofitted existing home to support new second floor, extend existing home and built new second floor addition of a Master bedroom & bathroom, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, family room.Relocate and remodeled kitchen, living room, dining area, new additional bedroom and bathroom.

Built new 2 car garage and new addition in Monterey Park

Demo existing garage and relocate/built 2 cars garage, new master bedroom, bathroom and walkin closet, new family room, expanded kitchen and dining area, remodel rest of the house, new stucco, roof, windows and more.

New construction/builder

Second floor addition in Pasadena...

Reinforced existing 1st floor to support new addition, built a new master bedroom, bathroom and walking closet, remodeled existing bathroom, living room, 2 bedrooms and dining room.

Second Level addition in Hawthorne...

Retrofitted existing home to support new second floor, built new addition of a Master bedroom & bathroom, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, relocate and remodeled kitchen, living room, family room and dining area.

New custom home in Los Angeles...

Demo existing home and built a new 3000 Sqft home with attached 2 car garage, existing garage converted into a guest quarters.

Built new laundry room, remodel of kitchen, entry and dining room.

New addition as laundry room, complete remodel of existing kitchen, extend entry area by relocating walls and re-frame a bigger beautiful entry door.

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